• Ashley Pearson

    "Beau Bronz is the biggest secret in celebrity tanning.". Ashley Pearson ITV’s ‘This Morning’ showbiz presenter, who loves Bronz Forever.
  • Laura Gallagher (Miss Manchester finalist)

    I just wanted to write and tell you that your product is the absolute best I have ever used!! I have a bathroom full of tanning products and can safely say that the Beau Bronz colour is amazing! The product dries instantly and theres no horrible smell like other self tanners. Ready to place another order now.
  • Sara McLean (Miss Edinburgh) Top 5

    BeauBronz is the best tan I have ever had done and I go for spray tans normally twice a month or more. I have tried all different tanning companys and this is by far the best. It lasts long and it doesnt streak when coming off. Also the products that come with beau bronze to keep the colour lasting for longer and your skin feeling smooth. The different range of colours are great too.
  • Connie Fisher

    It's so amazing to finally find a fake tan you can trust. You can trust that BeauBronz won't leave you looking patchy, or too dark around the knees and elbows, and most of all you can trust that you won't come out looking orange! With other fake tans I have used, it looked obvious I was wearing FAKE tan, especially under the lights, and its great to finally find a tan which looks so flawless and NATURAL. I always use Beaubronz, to give me a natural and radiant tan, and the confidence to step on stage feeling fabulous and looking healthy.
  • Gina Basham (Miss Birmingham) 2nd runner up at Miss GB finals

    BeauBronz isn't a fake tan it's a natural tan, I was extremely pleased with the glowing results that matched my skin tone perfectly. Being a natural blonde I find it hard to find a tan that doesn't look fake or make me look orange. I would definitely recommend this to other blondes looking for a beautiful natural glow.
  • Liz Fuller, Owner of the Miss Great Britain Contest

    Liz Fuller, owner of the Miss Great Britain contest loves a BeauBronz tan so much that she made it the official spray tan for the Miss Great Britian 2010 finals. BeauBronz are also providing the Miss GB finalists with goodie bags, as pictured here with the gorgeous contestants of Miss West Sussex. She describes the BeauBronz tan effect as “fabulous” and said “I look like my body has been on holiday even if my mind hasn’t!”
  • Shermine Shahrivar the gorgeous model girlfriend of Twilight Actor Xavier Samuals.

    Quoted on her German Playboy shoot 'I love beaubronz, the colour is beautiful and natural, A perfect sun kissed bronze'
  • Amy Carrier

    Miss Great Britain 2010 Winner Amy Carrier with her glowing BeauBronz tan. She said: "BeauBronz is amazing & gives you a glow that you can only get on holiday.. I'd definitely recommend it! x"

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